Two weekends in a row with good weather? Sounds promising, but the decision where to go was not that easy. Crowded Flumserberg? Not really. Davos? Not good neither. Andermatt won. We both had no clue what to expect, but after a short discussion with Andrea (she joined today!) the decision was made.
Driving up was hassle free. As we arrived Andermatt we figured that we weren’t the only ones with the idea of using that beautiful  holiday for outdoor fun. Arriving at the chair lift we’ve been told that half of the lifts were out of order due to a defect at just one lift (Sadly this one was used to get to the others). So we needed to switch to the second area in Andermatt which was colder and most of the time covered in shadow, but with awesome snow conditions!

One sidenote. While driving back Martina read in the newspaper that the traffic jam to Davos was ~3 hrs wait!! 😀